Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lighthouse Cooperative a private school or a public school?

Lighthouse Cooperative is a K - 5 public school that is part of Everett Public Schools and is located at Jefferson Elementary School and has a parent volunteer requirement.

What are the teacher's qualifications?

Lighthouse Teachers are Washington State certified Everett Public School Employees. Read about our teachers here.

What curriculum is used?

Lighthouse teachers use the same curriculum put forth by Everett Public Schools. In addition, extra learning opportunities are provided through parent volunteer and teacher collaboration and are unique each school year.

How much does the program cost?

A suggested parent donation of $25.00 per month (September – June) per child in the program helps to fund additional field trips, assemblies, guest speakers, technology and additional learning experiences.

How much time do parents volunteer?

A parent/family member/ friend volunteers a half-day in the classroom  for each child enrolled in the Cooperative.

Do parents get to choose which days they volunteer?

Parents are asked to supply a schedule of possible volunteer times and, although it is not always possible, teachers make every effort possible to accommodate those requests.

How much fund-raising is involved?

Each family is required to procure one item per child in the program for our annual Fundraising Auction.  The item should be valued at $50.00 or more.  A buyout option of $75.00 per child in the program is available as an alternative.

Who can volunteer?

Any family member or friend of the family may volunteer at Lighthouse after completing and passing a background check. Everett School District Volunteer paperwork online: