Kindergarten - Leeanne Bennett

Mrs. Bennett teaches kindergarten. Two unique facts about her are... she has no middle name and always wanted one.... and she is a registered Sioux Indian from South Dakota.

She has loved being a mentor to many student teachers from WSU, which is also her alma mater. Mrs. Bennett is married and has 4 children of her own. One day she hopes to have a grandchild or two.

Mrs. Bennett has been teaching kindergarten at Jefferson for many years and plans to stay for a few more. She really loves to watch how the students grow and change during the kindergarten year. "I love being a part of their learning! I have always liked the creative part of teaching too. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what the students and I are going to do the next school day!"


First Grade - Sarah Adams

Hi! My name is Sarah Adams and I am excited to teach in Lighthouse’s First Grade. I graduated in 2009 from Western Washington University with my bachelor’s in Education and a Special Education endorsement. I began my teaching career in Snohomish, where I taught kindergarten, first, second, and sixth grade. After having my son Martin, who is in the Lighthouse program, I joined the Jefferson family. I began teaching Kindergarten at Jefferson in 2014. After five years, I have decided to join the Lighthouse team. I love the power of parent/teacher collaboration and the positive effects on student learning. When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my small family. We like to go on many adventures in our camper and out on our boat. Other than family, I love to sing and swim!


Second Grade - Marcia Lemkau

Ms. Lemkau has been teaching since 1995 and received her Master of Arts in Teaching in 2003. Since coming to Lighthouse in 1999, she has taught kindergarten, first grade, third grade, and currently teaches second grade. Professionally, she has critiqued books and lessons for a book company, and has been on the school leadership team.

A Washington State transplant from the midwest, she enjoys crossfit, activities with her child, and reading anything she can get her hands on.

"My number one passion is learning. I believe that there is nothing more valuable in life than education, and it is this belief that lead to a profession in education. "


Third Grade - Alissa Dersom

Hello and welcome to 3rd grade! My name is Alissa Dersom and this is my first year in Lighthouse as a teacher, and I am so excited! I have been in the program for the past 3 years. One of my kids will be in first grade this year and the other will be in fourth. We have loved our time here at Jefferson and in this awesome program. We love the teachers, the explorations, the field trips and all the amazing talents that parents bring to the classroom.

I received my BA and my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Seattle Pacific University. After completion of my BA I was offered a job at Garfield Elementary here in Everett and taught 4th and 5th grades for 10 years before having my first child. Both of my children attended a cooperative preschool where I became very involved. After kindergarten at our home school we were recommended Lighthouse by a friend. We were amazed at all that this program offers and immediately signed up to be a part of it!

When not teaching my husband (also an Everett School District teacher), my kids and I can be found all over the Everett and Seattle, where I grew up. Biking, attending farmer's markets, playing card games, seeing plays, hanging out at the library and eating Mexican food are a few things we love doing together.

I am so happy to be here and have the opportunity to teach 3rd grade! I am looking forward to a fantastic year!

To contact me: adersom@everettsd.org

Fourth Grade - Cynthia Montzingo

I graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Elementary Ed and from Lamar University with a Master’s in Teacher Leadership. I have been teaching in a variety of capacities for over 30 years, with a special focus on science, my favorite subject! I love questions, new ideas and creativity in the classroom.

I have two grown daughters, who both went to Maplewood Co-op in the Edmonds School District, a program very similar to Lighthouse. I also taught there part-time and was a parent coordinator and PTA Vice-president.

Outside of school, I love adventures. I have lived overseas three times (Japan, Australia and Thailand) and love to go hiking and biking. When I can’t actually head out on an adventure of my own, I like to enjoy them by reading voraciously.


Fifth Grade - Sarah Lucas

I have been teaching in the Lighthouse program since 2015 and previously taught 9 years in the Snohomish School District, working with 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. I chose to come to Lighthouse because I believe in the cooperative model, and see the benefit of having parents so closely engaged in their children's school experience. I greatly enjoy teaching all of the subjects, and work hard to integrate lessons as much as possible. We do a great deal of reading and writing in the classroom, often focusing on social studies and science topics. I have 4 children - two grown, a middle schooler who graduated from the co-op, and an elementary aged child who is in the co-op.